It’s been a great three years of running the blog but If I am honest with you guys I’m not feeling running a blog anymore. Sorry! I really still adore Sara and think she’s amazing. I am super excited for bb! Iker but running the blog has lost it’s fun. 

So with that being said, I love you guys and you have been most amazing followers ever through the good and bad. Adios!  

Making Of Sara Carbonero for The Hip Tee Refresh FW13

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New post on Sara’s blog:

Sara Carbonero presenting Sports on Telecinco - 20/11/2013 (Video from Instagram) 



:)) Am I the only one thinking that David Cantero looks like freaking Richard  Gear :D?

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Anonymous asked: Who fussed about sara’s weight? Compared to the world famous prego like V. Beckham and A. Jolie, I say sara is in perfect and super normal shape. Prego don’t get that much weight anymore, there are tons of ways to keep fit. Like my very own cousin, she actually took advice from her physician and nutrient specialist, she ate the “right” food which only “produced” nutrition to baby instead of putting weight on her own body. She gained only 7 kg. Baby came out healthy and beautiful.

Idk who was having an issue with her weight, I didn’t because she looks great. Anyone who is saying shit is really dumb and i have no time for it. 

Elle November 2013

Deportes T5 - 19/11/2013

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Deportes T5 - 18/11/2013

Candids - 24/10/2013


Sara Carbonero, guapísima y con mucha energía en su embarazo


"And talking about important moments, it would be impossible not to share with you the one that is the most emotional in my life.

We send you a hello…all 3 of us”

Iker via the e-mail de CasillasWorld

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Sara in Paris

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Magazines of this week :) 20/11/2013


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